• Session 2: What are Your Core Money Belief’s? What is Your Relationship with Money?

    In Session 2 we’ll dig into Money Magic and look at your Money Architype to really understand what is standing in your way from being able to achieve your Financial Dream Life

  • Session 3: Cash Flow Analysis

    In Session 3 we’ll go through the Cash Flow Analysis so you can start to understand exactly where you are today and what it will take to reach your goals.

  • Session 4: What is a Lost Opportunity Cost?

    In Session 4 (which is one of my favorites) we’re going to go on a little bit of a treasure hunt and i’ll show you all the easy money you can find without doing any extra work that can be deposited into your big bucket of wealth.

  • Session 5: The Wealth Recovery Account

    Now that you have all this extra money, Session 5 will show you exactly what to do with it so you can start growing your wealth exponentially. This simple method is what is responsible for the success of nearly all my clients.

  • Session 6: Your Net Worth Statement

    In Session 6 we’re going to calculate and take a look at your Net Worth so we can identify you financial health and confront the reality of where you are today.

  • Session 7: What is Your Human Life Value?

    In Session 7 we’ll take a look at your Human Economic Value to determine your wealth of the future and get a clear picture on whether you can continue to live the life and raise your family the way you dreamed of if something were to happen to you.

  • Session 8: What Does Your Retirement Income Look Like?

    In Session 8 we’ll tackle the topic of whether or not you’re going to have enough money to retire. Unfortunately, it’s usually more than you realize but once you know your numbers, then you can create a plan to get there.

  • Session 9: What is an Asset Gap Calculation?

    And that’s exactly what we get into in Session 9 where we look at the Gap and determine exactly what is needed to get you to a financial free retirement.

  • Session 10: Final Questions to Ask Yourself…

    Lastly, Session 10 brings everything together and lays out the next steps to success.

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